40+ Orgs to Senate: Vote YES on Kaine War Powers Resolution

No War With Iran

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday February 11, 2020
Contact: Michael Galant  [email protected]  203-260-4654

WASHINGTON — Today, over 40 national organizations representing a diverse set of communities — faith, veteran, anti-war, Iranian American, and more — sent a joint letter urging all senators to vote “YES” on the bipartisan Iran war powers resolution sponsored by Senator Tim Kaine (S.J.Res.68). Sen. Kaine’s resolution would block the use of military force against Iran or any part of its government unless explicitly authorized by Congress. 

The letter — led by Win Without War, J Street, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) Action, and the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) — states: “The United States has moved to the brink of a major regional war with Iran twice in the last year… By passing S.J.Res.68, the Senate can take an urgent and critical step in uniting with the House in reasserting Congress’s constitutional role in matters of war and peace and reflecting the aspirations of a pro-diplomacy public who unequivocally oppose another catastrophic war of choice.”

Erica Fein, Advocacy Director, Win Without War: “As the voice of the people, Congress continues to make clear that this country does not want another war of choice in the Middle East. We applaud Senator Kaine for his bipartisan resolution to block U.S. forces from engaging in combat in or against Iran and urge all Senators to support it. We also hope that it moves quickly back to the House and on to Trump’s desk, so he is forced to confront once again how unpopular his reckless and chaotic foreign policy has been.”

Dylan Williams, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, J Street: “The overwhelming majority of the American Jewish community opposes Trump triggering a conflict that will endanger American servicepeople, our allies in Israel and the Middle East and millions of Iranian civilians caught in the crossfire. We’re proud to stand alongside our pro-peace partners to rally support for diplomacy and firm opposition to war with Iran.”

Ryan Costello, Policy Director, NIAC Action: “President Trump does not have authorization for war with Iran, yet that has not stopped him from taking the United States to the brink of a disastrous war twice. We can’t count on being lucky a third time. The Senate should follow the House’s lead and pass Sen. Kaine’s resolution to ensure that Trump cannot lead us into a disastrous, unauthorized war with Iran that the American people want no part of.”

Hassan El-Tayyab, Legislative Manager for Middle East Policy, FCNL: “The administration’s approach to Iran has done little to advance peace, security, and human rights. The American people don’t want another catastrophic war in the Middle East and the onus is on Congress to find a pathway for diplomacy. The Senate must vote yes on Sen. Kaine’s Iran War Powers Resolution and do everything they can to prevent the administration from launching a disastrous war of choice against Iran.”

Read the full letter here.

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