House, Senate Send Unprecedented War Powers Resolution To End U.S. Role In Yemen War To President’s Desk


Win Without War Director Stephen Miles released the following statement on today’s historic House vote on Yemen:

“The House of Representatives today joined the Senate in voting for a resolution to end the U.S. military’s complicity in the Saudi- and Emirati-led intervention against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

“Today’s vote is truly historic, marking the first time since the War Powers Act of 1973 that both chambers of Congress made a unified and bipartisan call to rein in the executive branch from an unauthorized war.

“This victory also shows that we can democratize foreign policy decisions and that Americans believe that these crucial policies should not solely be in the jurisdiction of the powerful few and well-connected. Indeed, this outcome would not have been possible without the millions of Americans who mobilized throughout the past few years to join congressional champions in calling to finally end U.S. participation in war crimes and fueling the largest, man-made humanitarian crisis in the world.

“Given that Donald Trump has essentially turned the United States into a client state of the murderous and corrupt whims of the Saudi and Emirati governments, it’s likely that he will veto this resolution. But we and the millions of Americans who oppose our role in this conflict will not quit in the face of a veto. We will use every legislative opportunity to finally end U.S. military assistance and put this war to an end.”