Did Your Member of Congress Vote for Endless War?

NDAA Passes

Congress just handed Trump a blank check for endless war.

Year after year, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) authorizes weaponry and massive funding levels at the Pentagon. It’s viewed as a must-pass bill for the military-industrial-complex.  

But this year, thanks to the combined demands of leaders in Congress and progressive grassroots activists, the House version of the bill extracted major wins that — while still including massive Pentagon bloat — put restraints on the White House’s out-of-control foreign policy. For example, it included critical provisions that would have blocked an unauthorized war with Iran, ended U.S. complicity in the devastating war in Yemen, prevented Trump’s discriminatory ban on transgender service members, halted the deployment of Trump’s  “gateway nukes,” and much more.

But then came time to negotiate with the Senate, whose bill included no such provisions. By the time negotiations were done, the NDAA was a $738 billion giveaway to the Pentagon with almost nothing to constrain Trump. It even established a new branch of the military— the Space Force. We joined 37 other organizations in saying NO to this “blank check for endless wars, fuel for the further militarization of U.S. foreign policy, and gift to Donald Trump.”

Now, the bill has passed both House and Senate, and it’s headed to Trump’s desk, where he’s more than happy to sign. We’re disappointed — but we’re not defeated. 

Below is a list of the brave members of Congress who took a stand against this reckless militarism. If yours is among them, be sure to reach out and express your thanks. If not, tell them what you think about their vote for endless war.

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*Read their statements here. Keep in mind, not everyone opposed for the same reasons.

See Where Your Senator Stands —
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*Keep in mind, not everyone opposed for the same reasons.