Did Your Members of Congress Vote to Cut the Pentagon Budget?

PentagonBudgetFight_TW-1 Last week — as the U.S. fought a devastating pandemic, economic collapse, rampant unemployment, and a housing crisis — Congress greenlit almost three quarters of a trillion dollars for the already-out-of-control Pentagon budget. It didn’t have to be this way. Senators Sanders, Markey, and Warren, and Representatives Pocan, Lee, and Jayapal introduced amendments to the Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to cut the Pentagon budget by 10%, and invest those funds instead in critical human needs. If one these members of Congress represents you, thank them for their leadership today! At the end of the day, the amendments received 93 votes in the House and 23 in the Senate. This level of support would have been unthinkable a few years ago — a testament to the power of our movement. But it wasn’t enough. Now, it’s time to tell your members of Congress how you feel about their votes. Below, you will find a list of all the members of Congress who voted to cut the Pentagon budget and invest instead in our communities. If your members’ names are here, be sure to thank them for their support! If not, it’s time to hold them accountable.

Did your Senators vote for the Sanders-Markey-Warren Amendment?

If yes, Tweet to thank them here. If not, Tweet to hold them accountable here.
CT – Blumenthal CT – Murphy HI – Hirono
HI – Schatz IL – Durbin MA – Markey
MA – Warren MD – Cardin MD – Van Hollen
MN – Klobuchar MN – Smith NJ – Booker
NM – Udall NY – Gillibrand NY – Schumer
OR – Merkley OR – Wyden PA – Casey
VT – Leahy VT – Sanders WA – Cantwell
WA – Murray WI – Baldwin

Did your Representative support the Pocan-Lee-Jayapal Amendment?

If yes, write a letter and thank them here. If not, write a letter and hold them accountable here.
AZ-3 Grijalva CA-37 Bass CA-29 Cárdenas
CA-27 Chu CA-11 DeSaulnier CA-44 Diaz Barragán
CA-14 Eshoo CA-34 Gomez CA-2 Huffman
CA-17 Khanna CA-13 Lee CA-33 Lieu
CA-19 Lofgren CA-47 Lowenthal CA-6 Matsui
CA-9 McNerney CA-32 Napolitano CA-45 Porter
CA-38 Sánchez CA-28 Schiff CA-30 Sherman
CA-14 Speier CA-41 Takano CA-51 Vargas
CA-43 Waters Coleman CO-2 Neguse CT-5 Hayes
DC-1 Norton FL-11 Castor FL-21 Frankel
FL-20 Hastings FL-17 Wilson GA-4 Johnson
HI-2 Gabbard IL-7 Davis IL-4 Garcia
IL-2 Kelly IL-1 Rush IL-9 Schakowsky
KY-3 Yarmuth MA-5 Clark MA-9 Keating
MA-4 Kennedy MA-8 Lynch MA-2 McGovern
MA-1 Neal MA-7 Pressley MA-3 Trahan
MD-7 Mfume MD-8 Raskin MD-3 Sarbanes
ME-1 Pingree MI-12 Dingell MI-5 Kildee
MI-9 Levin MI-13 Tlaib MN-5 Omar
MO-5 Cleaver MO-1 Lacy Clay MS-2 Thompson
NJ-6 Pallone NJ-10 Payne NJ-12 Watson Coleman
NM-3 Luján NY-9 Clarke NY-13 Espaillat
NY-8 Jeffries NY-14 Maloney NY-6 Meeks
NY-6 Meng NY-10 Nadler NY-14 Ocasio-Cortez
NY-15 Serrano NY-20 Tonko NY-7 Velazquez
OH-3 Beatty OH-11 Fudge OR-3 Blumenauer
OR-1 Bonamici OR-4 Defazio PA-18 Doyle
PA-2 Evans TN-9 Cohen TX-20 Castro
TX-35 Doggetts TX-9 Green TX-18 Jackson Lee
TX-30 Johnson VT- Welch WA-10 Heck
WA-7 Jayapal WI-4 Moore WI-2 Pocan

:lower_left_ballpoint_pen:Take Action Now

Use our handy tool to tell your members of Congress what you think about their vote! Tweet at your Senators: Thank them for voting for the Sanders-Markey-Warren Amendment here; OR Hold them accountable here Write your Representatives: Thank them for voting for the Pocan-Lee-Jayapal Amendment here; OR Hold them accountable here