Trump’s Defense Budget Based On Greed Not Need


Win Without War Director Stephen Miles released the following statement regarding President Trump’s proposed FY2020 budget:

“The Trump administration’s proposed $750 billion so-called defense budget is yet another disgraceful corporate giveaway that will only serve to further line the pockets of defense industry CEOs rather than making us more secure. This unprecedented spending spree at the Pentagon is based on politics and greed, not security or need.

The United States already outspends the next ten countries combined (most of which are our allies). And there’s no reason to throw more money at the Pentagon amid continued waste, fraud, and abuse, and its inability to pass a financial audit.

“In fact, the $750 billion proposal is so outlandish that it’s nearly $20 billion more than defense officials were originally asking for, and it’s more than $30 billion above the $716 billion figure Trump himself called ‘crazy’ as recently as last December.

“Instead of rewarding Pentagon corruption and waste, the White House and the Congress should set the national defense budget at or below $576 billion — the level established by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 for FY2020 — eliminate the off-books slush fund the Pentagon uses to avoid budget caps, and work towards a budget that is more aligned with the priorities of the American people, not corporate CEOs.”