U.S. strikes on Syrian regime a dangerous escalation of Donald Trump’s ‘military-only’ policy in the Middle East

Washington, DC – Following reports of U.S. military strikes against Syrian regime forces, Win Without War Director, Stephen Miles, released the following statement.
“We are deeply troubled by today’s reports of direct U.S. military action against Syrian regime forces. These strikes mark only the second time the United States has directly targeted the Assad regime and a potential major escalation of America’s involvement in Syria’s bloody civil war.
While the exact circumstances of this action remain unclear, the Trump Administration’s dangerous pursuit of military only solutions to the war in Syria will serve to prolong a war that the world should be doing everything in its power to end.
We are also deeply concerned about the potential for spiraling escalation from these strikes. With Russian, Iranian and other forces operating alongside regime forces, the potential for a larger regional or global war remains far too real.
As he prepares to head to the Middle East, President Trump appears poised to double down on the failed belief that more war will somehow make the Middle East peaceful and stable. With the President reportedly set to announce major new arms sales to the region, and with his Administration having dramatically ramped up military action since he took office, Donald Trump continues to pour gasoline on the raging fires of war in the Middle East.
America has been trying to bomb its way to peace and buy stability through arms sales for decades in the Middle East. The results are beyond a failure, with immense human suffering and a region on fire. It is long past time to chart a different course.”