ADVISORY: WWW Webinar to Chart Next Steps in Fight for Peace and Justice in Yemen


WASHINGTON — Following President Biden’s historic announcement of an end to U.S. support for offensive operations in Yemen last month, Win Without War will bring together hundreds of grassroots activists to learn about the current situation in Yemen from leading Yemeni experts. Win Without War will assess how this monumental shift in U.S. foreign policy was won, and lay out what must come next in order for the U.S. to become a credible actor for peace in Yemen.

What: Justice for Yemen: Where do we go from here?

Who: Organized by Win Without War, the event will bring together hundreds of grassroots activists, and will feature the following speakers:

  • Mr. Abdulwasea Alsocotri, Policy & Advocacy Lead, Oxfam in Yemen
  • Dr. Shireen Al-Adeimi, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
  • Ms. Sama’a Alhamdani, Director, The Yemen Cultural Institute for Heritage & the Arts
  • Ms. Kate Kizer, Policy Director, Win Without War

Where: The event will take place on Zoom. Please register at the following link.

When: Thursday March 25, 2021; 12:00pm ET



Win Without War is a diverse network of activists and national organizations working for progressive foreign policy in the United States.