Messaging Guidance: Trump Pushing Iran From The Nuclear Deal


Iran reportedly moving beyond the limits of the 2015 nuclear deal is a predictable and direct response to the Trump administration walking away from the agreement and actively working to undermine it. 

  • When Trump took office, the Iran deal was working, yet he decided — for solely domestic political reasons — to unilaterally withdraw and reimpose crushing sanctions, preventing the full implementation of the deal and leaving Iran with no recourse. 

Breaching the limit on low-enriched uranium does not pose a near-term proliferation risk, but Iran could soon take additional steps that would shorten the time it would take to produce enough material for a bomb.  

The Trump administration’s actions are further isolating the United States and pushing our allies and partners into Iran’s corner. 

  • President Obama built a successful international coalition to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Now Trump’s actions have undone it. Our European allies strongly oppose Trump’s Iran policy and are working with the Iranians to try to keep the deal alive.

Iran should do all it can to remain in compliance with the nuclear agreement, and the Trump administration must reverse its failed “maximum pressure” campaign immediately, which is only causing the Iran nuclear deal to collapse and pushing us toward another costly war in the Middle East. 

  • The parties remaining in the deal — the UK, France, Germany, China, and Russia — must do all they can to ensure that Iran receives enough economic benefits to remain in the agreement.
  • The Iran deal assured the United States and the international community that Iran’s nuclear program was for peaceful purposes only. Rejoining the Iran nuclear deal and ending the failed “maximum pressure” campaign is the best path forward to de-escalate this crisis and avoid a catastrophic war with Iran.

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