This Saturday, April 29th, thousands of people will gather across the country for the People’s Climate March to demand our government acknowledge the threat climate change poses to our lives and communities.

The health of the global environment is fundamental to everyone; effective and immediate responses to climate change are a progressive imperative. Climate change has already helped fuel deadly conflicts around the world, and experts agree that the future will be even worse as climate change fuels famines, destabilizes societies, and displaces populations. The time to fight back is now.

For those able to join the march in DC, and you can find more information on how to join us here.   

For those not in DC, you can find information on the hundreds of Sister Marches happening around the country by clicking here.   

From Standing Rock to Yemen to our own homes, climate change and environmental protections affects us all. Now is the time to raise our voices, together, as loud as we can to demand action. We have already seen what people power can accomplish from the Women’s March to blocking the Muslim Ban. Now, as Donald Trump marks his 100th day in office, it’s time to join together once again to show the President, and the world, just how determined we are to fight for the world we believe in.

Let’s march together for climate justice, human rights, and healthy communities. Click here to RSVP and invite your friends.

Sample Tweets:

It’s time to tell our government that we demand action on climate change and peace as part of the #PeoplesClimate this Saturday

On Saturday, I’ll be marching for our environment, our families, and peace #WhyIMarch #ClimateMarch

Our government cannot continue to ignore the effect climate change has on our lives #PeoplesClimate

The #ClimateMarch this Saturday is our chance to speak up and be heard for our environment, communities, and peace

On Saturday, I’ll be marching with @GlobalProgress and @WinWithoutWar to speak up for peace and the environment

Sample Facebook Posts:

I’m joining the People’s Climate March this Saturday to speak up for our health, our communities, and our future! Join me! #ClimateMarch

Additional Resources:

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