Revoke the emergency declaration NOW!


BREAKING: Trump just declared a state of “emergency” to force the military to build his border wall. Demand Congress step in >>

This is an all hands on deck crisis. Trump just completely, totally trampled on the Constitution by making an end-run around Congress to enact his white supremacist agenda.

There’s one way to stop this constitutional crisis: Get Congress to override Trump’s “emergency” declaration. That will require a two-thirds majority of both the House AND the Senate, and I won’t lie — it will be an uphill battle.

But if we can build a massive, immediate grassroots wave demanding ALL of Congress vote against Trump’s straight-up authoritarian power grab, then we have a real shot at winning the votes we need to stop this crisis in its tracks. And we have no other choice.

So Win Without War is banding together with a huge coalition of partner organizations to demand with one voice that Congress immediately end Trump’s dangerous fake state of emergency. And we need you with us.

Add your name now: Tell Congress to revoke the emergency declaration immediately.

By trampling on the Constitution, Trump is throwing open the door to supercharge his white supremacist attacks on immigrants, Muslims, and communities of color.

Under a state of emergency, Trump can try to: [1]

  • order the military to round up immigrants or stop protests in U.S. cities.
  • order the indefinite detention of people he designates as enemies.
  • freeze assets and block financial transactions of people who hire, house, or provide paid legal representation to asylum seekers.
  • block access to websites and social media tools or disrupt email communication.

Again and again, presidents have used emergency powers to attack people of color.

Franklin D. Roosevelt incarcerated Japanese Americans in a tremendous violation of basic civil liberties. George W. Bush launched a tidal wave of surveillance and deportations particularly targeting Muslim and Arab communities.

We know what someone like Trump can do with emergency powers. Already, he’s using the military as his political pawn to build his monument to white supremacy and supercharge his deportation force.

We need to intervene, now.

Tell Congress: Revoke Trump’s national emergency and rein in presidential emergency powers.

If we stand together, we can defend our families, friends, communities and democracy from Trump by forcing Congress to stop this dangerous slide into authoritarianism. It’s the only path forward.