The Iran nuclear deal is working and keeping us safe

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Win Without War Director Stephen Miles issued the following statement regarding the two year anniversary of the Iran nuclear agreement:
As we approach the two-year anniversary of the Iran nuclear agreement, we must pause to reflect on the value of diplomacy over war in achieving American national security goals.
Without the Iran nuclear deal in place, the Islamic Republic would now be just weeks away from having enough material to construct a nuclear weapon, putting the United States on the precipice of another costly, deadly, and disastrous war in an already volatile and war prone Middle East.
Instead, using skillful diplomacy and working with our partners, the United States blocked all of Iran’s pathways to building a nuclear weapon without firing a shot or spending the trillions of dollars that would have been required to attempt to achieve that objective militarily.
It’s baffling that there is still a vocal and well-funded contingent in Washington who refuse to accept these facts, want to dismantle the Iran deal — by “a thousand cuts” if necessary — and are still calling for regime change in Tehran.
But the reality is that the deal is working. While it’s true that Iran continues its bad behavior in the region — whether it’s terrorism sponsorship, human rights abuses, or ballistic missile activities — there is no military solution to these challenges. The fact is that diplomacy represents the best way forward in advancing our interests and those of our allies on this issue and others we face around the world.
We will continue to push back against and challenge unwarranted bellicose rhetoric and needless threats of military force, which only serve to endanger American troops in the region and risk provoking a new war. And we will continue to champion the kind of diplomacy that resulted in this agreement with Iran, and that saves lives and makes America safe.