Win Without War, 14 organizations applaud Biden administration for closing in on Iran Deal


Washington – Win Without War and 14 other organizations from the scientific, progressive, and foreign policy communities sent a letter to the White House today commending the Biden administration for nearing a deal with Iran to secure mutual re-entry into the JCPOA.

Extraordinary work by U.S. diplomats and European partners has secured a framework for re-entry that includes significant concessions from the Iranian government. Through that framework, a return to a deal that increases global security, averts a nuclear crisis, and delivers sanctions relief to people in Iran is within reach.

The letter urges the administration “to seize this historic opportunity to restore the JCPOA,” especially in light of concessions from Iran, while citing broad support from the American people for a diplomatic approach to constraining Iran’s nuclear program, alongside the backing of the U.S.’s closest allies.

The leading voices behind the letter had the following to say:

Sara Haghdoosti, Executive Director at Win Without War:

“This deal would be a huge security win for the United States by putting Iran’s nuclear program back in a box and taking us off the path of another senseless war in the Mid East. It’ll also make a huge difference in the lives of people in Iran who are struggling under a brutal regime and draconian sanctions. We’re hopeful that the Biden Administration will shortly add this achievement to its list.”

Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn:

“By taking the Iran nuclear deal through the finish line, the Biden administration will be able to declare a strategic, moral, and political victory. We’ve seen how wars of choice in the Middle East have ended in unnecessary suffering. The American people have made it clear that they prefer diplomacy with Iran – a strategy that is not only popular but one we know works. We also know that the Trump administration’s strategy of withdrawing from the deal and choosing confrontation failed. They allowed Iran’s nuclear program to reach its most advanced stage and implemented draconian sanctions, adding to the hardship for the Iranian people. We have an opportunity to choose the path of diplomacy with our Iran policy once again. Let’s not delay any longer.”

Dylan Williams, Senior Vice President for Policy and Strategy at J Street:

“There’s a reason that US participation in the Iran Deal is supported by majorities of voters from both parties, a supermajority of Jewish Americans and the consensus of the Israeli security establishment — it blocks Iran’s paths to a nuclear weapon. Opponents had their chance to prove their way worked and failed, bringing Iran closer to bomb than ever before. It’s time to get back to what works.”

Hassan El-Tayyab, Legislative Director for Middle East Policy at the Friends Committee on National Legislation:

“Reestablishment of the Iran nuclear deal would be a significant victory for peace, diplomacy, and stability in the Middle East. While there are many issues that should be resolved diplomatically between the United States, Iran, and other governments in the region, a full return to the nuclear deal would get Iran’s nuclear program back in the box, lift harmful economic sanctions devastating innocent Iranians, and act as a starting place for further diplomacy. It’s critical the Biden administration seize on this historic opportunity to negotiate a return to the JCPOA and prevent another disastrous military escalation in the Middle East.”

Jasmine Owens, Associate Director, Nuclear Weapons Abolition Program, Physicians for Social Responsibility:

“We at Physicians for Social Responsibility commend President Biden for his admirable diplomatic leadership to repair damage done by his predecessor and re-seal the Iran Nuclear Deal. We encourage the President to continue working toward a world entirely free of nuclear weapons. Along that path, the fewer nuclear-armed nations, the better.”

Ryan Costello, Policy Director at the National Iranian American Council:

“This could be the decisive moment for Biden to take the win and roll back Iran’s nuclear program after Trump’s disastrous maximum pressure campaign. The deal is a win-win that ensures Iran cannot get a nuclear weapon, cools escalating tensions and relieves bad-faith sanctions that have pushed millions of innocent Iranians into poverty. It’s time for Biden to say yes and re-seal the deal.”

Trita Parsi, Executive Vice President at the Quincy Institute:

“There is no doubt that the Iran nuclear deal serves US interests. It blocks all of Iran’s pathways to a bomb while preventing a disastrous US-Iran war. But experience shows that the deal is only durable if we build on it – diplomacy must now be used to also resolve other areas of US-Iran tensions. The JCPOA can become an opportunity to stabilize the region and bring US troops home from the Middle East.”

Download the full letter here.