There's still time! Tell the Senate to #RejectRex


On Monday the Senate will begin debating the nomination of Rex Tillerson as the next Secretary of State. Time is running out for us to block his appointment and we need you to act today.
That’s why we’ve joined with over 50 other organizations to tell the Senate, they must Reject Rex! Now we need you to join us!
Rex Tillerson has spent his entire career working for one of the world’s largest climate polluters. He has literally never worked for anyone besides ExxonMobil, but now he wants us to believe that after 41 years, he’s willing to change his ways and, for the first time, put the American public first. Americans deserve to know that when the Secretary of State sits down at the negotiating table, he’s putting us first, not ExxonMobil, and that’s a promise Rex Tillerson simply can’t make.
Take 2 minutes right now to email your Senators today and let them know you oppose the nomination of Rex Tillerson to be the next Secretary of State.
Under Tillerson’s leadership ExxonMobil has spent 27 years spreading dangerous climate science denial theories that have contributed to climate change. The company has worked with some of the world’s worst human rights violators and resisted transparency laws that would keep dictators from stealing money from their national treasuries. That’s the exact opposite of the interests he now pledges he will serve as Secretary of State.
While the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is holding its hearing on Mr. Tillerson’s nomination today, the full vote in the Senate is still at least a week away, so we still have time to have our voices heard! If enough of us speak up, we can help convince the handful of undecided Senators that they must #RejectRex and block Tillerson’s nomination.
Please click here to email your Senators today and let them know America cannot afford a Secretary of State who has spent his entire career putting Big Oil profits ahead of human rights and our planet’s survival!
America needs a Secretary of State who will uphold American values and commit to protecting the environment and human rights. We need someone who will put our interests and our values first. Rex Tillerson is not that person. Please click here to act now.