What did he know and when did he know it?

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What a crazy few days! From the reported chaos on the National Security Council to the nuclear football selfie, Donald Trump’s White House seems to be spinning out of control, undermining our national security along the way. Most shockingly, on Monday President Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, resigned over revelations that he publicly and repeatedly lied about his contacts with Russian government officials.
But it has become clear that this is about more than Mike Flynn, more than Russia, and more than a few policy choices and appointments. The emerging pattern is one of deception and failed judgment against a background of global conflicts of interest by an administration of mega-rich corporatist and dangerous alt-right ideologues.
Tell Congress we need a special counsel to independently investigate Donald Trump, his Administration, and what failures of judgement and conflicts of interest are behind their dangerous foreign policy decisions.
President Trump knew that Flynn had misled top officials on his communications with Russia for weeks and yet still trusted him to serve as National Security Advisor. What other catastrophic failures of judgment have been committed at the expense of our national security? Nor is this an isolated incident. President Trump and other key officials like Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have extensive conflicts of interest around the world. How deeply have these conflicts of interest corrupted the decision making process inside the White House? It is time to get to the bottom of this.
The bottom line is this: When President Trump and his aides make decisions, whose interests are they serving? Their own investments? Those of their past corporations? Foreign governments? So far, the answer is clearly not America’s interests — and with a cabinet of millionaires and billionaires, and ethno-nationalists like Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller in key posts, the Trump Administration certainly isn’t looking out for all Americans.
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Let’s be clear, we strongly believe in diplomacy, and that includes talking directly with the Russian government, and every other government around the world to try and resolve our differences without resorting to disastrous wars of choice. A war with Russia could literally destroy humanity and we should be taking steps right now to decrease the potential for such a conflict.
But responsibly keeping America safe requires a functional White House that is serious about doing its job — and we all know that’s not what we have. That’s why it’s crucial that an investigation of the Trump Administration is not limited to its connections to Russia, but focuses on the whole picture of their dysfunction, lies, and conflicts of interest.
It’s clear that partisan politics won’t allow a fair investigation in Congress, and it would be absurd to expect the Trump Administration to investigate itself. The only solution is an independent investigation conducted by a special counsel. Leading voices in Congress are already calling for this, and now it’s up to us to back their demands with people power.
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