Joint Statement: House Reins In Trump on Iran


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, July 12, 2019
Contact: Ben Armbruster [email protected] 202-247-7133 

WASHINGTON — CREDO, Foreign Policy for America, J Street, NIAC Action, and Win Without War issued the following joint statement regarding the House vote passing the Khanna-Gaetz amendment to block any funds for an unauthorized war with Iran: 

“The House took a big step today in voting to block the Trump administration’s path to war with Iran. It’s clear now more than ever that this White House, led in large part by National Security Advisor John Bolton, is determined to pursue maximum pressure to its ultimate conclusion of war with Iran. But our Constitution provides that Congress, not Donald Trump, decides when and where the United States goes to war.

“A strong majority of Americans—whom Congress is most directly accountable to—do not want another costly and disastrous war in the Middle East, and would rather the U.S. return to compliance with the Iran nuclear deal. With Trump moving us closer and closer to war while signaling that he does not need Congress to launch strikes, it was critically important that the House took this proactive step to reassert Congress’ authority on matters of war and peace.

“We are grateful that House members took this important step, which should be included in the final defense authorization bill. Congress must continue using every available tool at its disposal to ensure that Donald Trump and John Bolton’s march to war is fully blocked.”